things + kings


Travelling for 4 month in Asia, looking for pictures, aesthetic phenomena.

Where do I begin? What is it that I am looking for? Aesthetics. Unaesthetics. 

The world is full of both. Globalized aestheticization. Plastic chairs, brooms,

advertisment, colours, shapes. It´s hard to stay focused with this much visual 

information. I am trying to create something open, experimental, constellative

– looking for different forms and their relation to each other. I find standardized

design objects of our daily life, displayed in seemingly random contexts,

thrown away, forgotten, waiting to be used. Creating new aesthetics out of unaesthetics. 

Forms communicate and create their own order, full of tension. Besides forms and things,

I find representations of love for a king – both alive and dead. What comes out in the end

is a book, an unfinished story about my seeking, my finding and about the  decision

to hide what could have been found.